How my life in electrolosis began

Hair removal and skincare has been an interest of mine since my early teens - I suffered from acne, and it really took a toll on my self-esteem.  I also suffered from excess hair growth (as an Italian, this was probably genetic). In sixth grade, a boy told me “Hey you have a mustache!” which humiliated so much that I told my mom I was sick and refused to go to school the next day. As I got older, I began to bleach and wax my unwanted hairs.

After waxing for more than 15 years, I heard about laser hair removal and decided to give it a try. Unfortunately, the hairs were too fine and too light at so laser sessions didn't work. After thousands of dollars spent on waxing, threading and laser, I was beyond frustrated. Shortly after, I came across an article on Electrolysis, and learned it's the only FDA approved permanent hair removal, so I gave it a try. I found an Electrologist near me and I fell in love with the treatment. It was comfortable and I started to see results almost immediately. The best part of it all, it was permanent! After 20 years and thousands of dollars later, I found a treatment that worked and I couldn’t wait to share my experience! I knew I found my calling and that I could help people in situations like mine.

I hope you enjoy my blog as I continue to share with you my thoughts on the hair removal industry, skincare, beauty tips and many other valuable information. In the meantime, if you would like a free consultation to discuss your hair removal needs, please contact me.

All the best,

[source and from this post on 6/6/15 - only direct quotes and content from Shawna were used.)